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Music: DN-B100

This post is the first in a series about Darknet's music, direct from the composer! Expect more posts periodically, with more samples of the in-development soundtrack.


//begin DN-B100

Hello! I am Alfredo Barraza--hacker alias: Dormilón. I’m originally from Chicago and have been living in Los Angeles since 2002. Beginning in January 2014, I began working on music for Darknet. Throughout these past few months I’ve found that it’s been quite a natural fit for me--I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as how E contacted me after hearing my older work. Meanwhile, writing blogs? Not my strong suit, but I’ll do my best!

The purpose of this blog is to give you a weekly behind-the-scenes look into my music-making process. The way I see it, I have been tasked to curate the music experience for Darknet to match E’s vision--a vision I will attempt to explain via text & audio samples. Every week I will be discussing a different aspect of the soundtrack’s development and have some work-in-progress music to accompany it.

The current plan for the soundtrack is to essentially have every track split into two phases: a chill, relatively sparse version for the Planning phase of the gameplay and a more frenetic, denser version for the Hacking phase. As the player switches from one phase of the game to the other, the track too shall switch over. I’ll get more in-depth regarding this process in later blogs. For now, here’s a 95% complete track:

Today’s first audio sample is track DN_100P-v4. I have been using temporary filenames with 3-digit numbers denoting which concept the track stemmed from, a letter indicating whether it’s intended for the Planning or Hacking phase, and finally a version number. As you can see, this is the first track (100) intended for the Planning phase (P) on its fourth revision (v4).

All tracks will be posted to a playlist on my SoundCloud, so please feel free to follow me and leave some comments! In fact, the comment system has proved to be quite helpful for E and I. By making a private playlist that E has access too, I can simply add to it once there’s something for him to hear and check back afterwards once he’s made comments. Being able to tag comments right on the timeline of the track has proven to be invaluable. That said, I’d like to clarify that this behind-the-scenes look is just a look, while I do appreciate any feedback you guys may have, E’s the bossman so he’s the only person I intend to take direction from.

Before I say goodbye, allow me to also reveal my deepest darkest secret: I'm on the internet! I’m fairly active on twitter and very much open to answering any questions you may have. Follow me @DormilonMusic and See you next week!

//end DN-B100

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