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Weekly Dev Update: 4/14/14

I regret to say that I didn't get much actual development done this week, but that doesn't mean there's no news. Quite the opposite:

1) Darknet had a great showing at PAX East this past weekend. This week's dev blog tells the tale.

2) The first wave of PAX press is also out, if you're interested. Check out the Darknet coverage from IndieGameInsider, NewGamerNation, and IrrationalPassions.

3) I was a guest on the EnterVR podcast with Cris Miranda last week, and it's now online and available for listening. It was a really fun talk, and we covered a lot of territory.

4) Another interview, this time in 3D! I spoke with Neil Schneider of MTBS3d at GDC, and he just posted the video.

5) If you don't like interviews in audio or video form, here's a plain old text interview with VRFocus about Darknet and my future plans.

6) Lastly, I wrote an extra blog post for Develop Online's VR Week about why VR is a great environment for indies.

More news on features soon, I promise!

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